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August 20, 2006

Getting All Nostalgic

So I was writing my one year anniversary post and started getting nostalgic. Wanted to write about my best memories of skiing (or at least some of my best memories).

  • My first time with my cousin Zach. Not that first time... my first time skiing (but he is kinda cute).
  • Josh and [name removed until we ski together again] going to Rock Dodge over Thanksgiving in 1993. Me walking down a black, postholing. Bear Paw, I believe.
  • [To Be Named] and me heading to Sunrise in 2002 for the first time back on skis in almost a decade. Skiing runs like "Evergreen" and "Side Winder" and "Justin is a whiny little b@#$%"... wait, that was not a run, but a quote.
  • Jacob's first ski day and taking him up to the top after a half day lesson.
  • Four Foot Powder dump at Sunrise that same year and Jake and me postholing down Phoenician in chest deep powder. Ski Patrol carrying Jake down.
  • Jake's first blue run--"No name" and then "NASTAR".
  • Following Tim down Suicide when I was still a groomer on blues skill level. Him lapping me twice as I walked uphill to shop at the yardsale.
  • Skipping work for a mid-week powder dump at Sunrise, burning quads on fresh untracked laps of Lupe, and then getting snowed in. Having to lie to my boss about having a morning dentist appointment so I had time to drive home the next morning when the roads were plowed. Watching the USC-Oklahoma Championship from a bar in Show Low. (Ashlee Simpson anyone?)
  • More yardsale days with Tim and Erich. They all are a blur.
  • Roadie to Brian Head with [TBN] and Dee.
  • Skiing with Jeremy, Jesse (little bro), Jake, [TBN] at Big Sky.
  • Jarrett's first day at Brian Head.
  • Taking my brother Jackson skiing for the first time.
  • Skiing with Jeremy, Jake, Dad, and Jackson.
  • Wolf Creek trip with Erich and [TBN].
  • Near fistfight in the car on way to Wolf Creek. That was the best part... well, that and the 2' of pow.
  • Jake throwing a 180.
  • Jeremy, Tim, and me attempting tricks at the top of Giant Steps.
  • Erich getting arrested. Really, kinda not funny until just lately. Worst day EVER, but now, it is memorable which is what makes it awesome.
  • Tera getting lapped on the bunny hill by Jake and Kye and Kye saying, "Aunt Tera, why are you crying? You aren't very good at skiing are you?" The voice of a four year old on full display.
  • Last day of this season and riding the rail and throwing a 180 and watching Jake and Jacko eat it all day. I get 8 months of one-up-manship on the little punks.
  • Skipping work at a customer in Denver and hitting Loveland.
  • Jer and I heading to A-basin and the Wolf.
  • Hot-tubbing and sauna-ing on a weekday after skiing at Brian Head and chilling in the condo at night.
  • Dan and his iPod, plus Taufiq and Tim and Erich just chilling and hitting Cyclone together.
  • Skipping work with Jacob and poaching runs on Quakie at Sunrise with off duty ski patrol mid-week.

That is about it. If you are in the list, good times. If not, good times. Do something memorable like break bones or throw air or get arrested or just show up on a 4' dump or call in sick to work and I'll do the same and we can get marooned somewhere. Writing that list made me remember what I love about the sport. None of those days were by myself. And the best ones were with my best friends or my family.

Posted by Justin at August 20, 2006 12:38 AM


Guess were going to have to ski agian sometime this year so TBN get's a name.

By the way, I think the posting of Erich and TBN deserves much more explanation and description than that. There were some EPIC conversations on that trip. From Falwell to Osama we covered it all.

Posted by: Jake Embleton at August 20, 2006 07:23 PM