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August 31, 2006

A Word About Pictures in the Banners

I was flipping through the banners at the top looking at the shots that are in them. I want to summarize what we have pictures of. Notice that there are about four different pictures of snowboarders on a skiing blog. What is up with that? And we are short on pictures of me which makes little sense either.

Well, here is what the header pics consist of now. First, there is one mountain shot that is not mine. The rest are all pictures of me, Dan, Erich, Jeremy, and my family. Jarrett's first day in ski school is one of the banners. A pic of me and the family. One of Jake skiing. And the snowboarders are all friends or Jeremy.

I have been swapping out the images the last couple of days and trying to make the site and the images more personal. A lot of the content is about how my friends and family enjoy the sport and the lifestyle. But a huge part of why we enjoy it is that it provides us a chance to just hang out and do something together.

You should be seeing a mix of content at the site. Industry information. Resort conditions at the resorts we ski. Reviews of resorts, products, gear, etc. Personal experiences of me and my friends and family on the mountains. And "filler" of stuff about Phoenix sports, jeeping, and the other activities that we fill our offseasons with. I have not gone to Australia, New Zealand, or South America, so by May, June, July, August, etc., I gotta keep posting about something. But the good news is that the content is gradually shifting back to skiing and I am excited about the site changes and the new information we are adding.

Posted by Justin at August 31, 2006 02:34 PM