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July 12, 2006

World Series of Poker Tonight

My first management job was 7 years ago at a helpdesk and tech support section of an Internet Service Provider in Arizona. I started answering the phones and worked weekends and nights mostly before they promoted me to manager. Most weekends, including the weekend of the Music City Miracle, I was working with a 15 year old kid that became one of my best friends--Nick Hill.

So Nick and I did lunch on Friday and he said he was gonna pony up $1000, which is no small feat for a 23 year old kid making $25-30k a year, and head to the World Series of Poker Tournament on Sunday in Vegas. Him and like 2900 other people.

Well, the results are in. Nick finished in 16th and I have been glued to the Internet trying to get results and chip counts all day. It went something like this:

Tue Jul 11 23:18:00 PDT 2006 Hill Eliminated Nick Hill calls from middle position, Matthew Palmucci raises to $40,000 in the small blind and is called by Tom Hawkingberry in the big blind along with Hill. The flop comes J73. Palmucci checks, Hill goes all-in, Hawkingberry calls. Palmucci folds and Hill Turns over KJ, while Hawkingberry has Q10. The turn is a blank, but the river is the 5 giving Hawkingberry his flush and eliminating Hill.

His reward for two hard days worth of work? $22,099. Just about a year's worth of salary.

But he owes me the first $400 of it from December still. Now I know he has got it. If you read the blog Nick, I will be stopping by with Erin and having a little conversation about Chiefs and Indians.

Posted by Justin at July 12, 2006 12:30 AM