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July 31, 2006

T-Minus 14 Days to a New Era in Cardinals Football

A new interior viewing tool of the Cardinals Stadium is available online now.

It is less than two weeks away from the first game against the Steelers at the new Glendale Stadium. Training camp opened this weekend and it is time for some football.

The single largest problem for the Cardinals over the last decade has been the running game. In 1998, the Cardinals finished the season 10-7, including a playoff win at Dallas. That year, consequently, was the last year the Cardinals had a 1,000 yard rusher. This year promises to have one of the league's best offenses with two recievers that both had over 100 catches and 1400 yards last year and... I think the Cards picked up a running back too.

Wednesday, I am heading to Flag for my annual training camp trip and am eagerly awaiting the start of a new era in Arizona Cardinals football. And let's face it, it is time for a new era. The last one sucked. 18 years of pathetic losing. Turnover. Coaching changes. Armpit of the NFL according to Simeon Rice. But that is ending.

I haven't been this excited since the Cardinals in back to back years drafted two ASU players from the 1996 Rose Bowl team and made the playoffs. And this is the first time they have hosted a Monday Night Football game since 1999 against the 49ers when I watched my favorite player in history's career end on a wicked hit. Oh, yeah, and Lawrence Phillips. That year started with such hopes and ended in disappointment. Phoenix is due. Past Due.

Posted by Justin at July 31, 2006 05:10 PM