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July 11, 2006

Jeremy Bloom signs Contract with Philly Eagles

There is nothing better than this if you are a skier:

Former Olympic moguls skier Jeremy Bloom, who was selected in the fifth round of this year's draft by the Eagles despite having not played football since 2003, reached an agreement with the team.

The 147th player chosen, Bloom will sign a four-year, $1.782 million contract. The deal includes a $172,000 signing bonus and minimum base salaries for all four seasons.

The Eagles are hoping Bloom, who left the University of Colorado football team after losing an eligibility appeal with the NCAA over endorsement money he accepted to help fund his skiing career, will be able to contribute on special teams, particularly as a punt returner.

The NCAA is a complete joke. They are too busy making teams like North Dakota, Utah, and Illinois change their mascotts and banning Olympic athletes to get concerned about their real job--promoting amateur athletics and education in this country. Boot an Olympian because he cannot afford to train for the Moguls skiing competition without sponsorship from CU's football team. Just trash. The NCAA is complete trash.

Jeremy Bloom is everything Bode is not. The CU Buffalo on the skiing helmet says it all. I am rooting for him to rip it up in Philly. Maybe former CU alum and Philly QB Koy Detmer can throw a couple of passes his way. I have a Ty Detmer Philly Jersey in the closet from back in the day and he is still probably my favorite football player of all time. If you don't know who Ty is, just look back at every major passing record in Div-I history.

Posted by Justin at July 11, 2006 11:52 PM