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June 24, 2006

Retarded and Uneducated Trolls

I just got back from the condo. Jeremy and I were heading up to Montana to do some fishing and camp out for a few days, but got to BH and stayed at the condo and decided to come home. I have a bunch of stuff to take care of including completing another patent review meeting and getting another patent idea approved for search and hopefully filing. This will mark my eighth patent application in the last five years at my job. Again, background on me, I have eight patents either in process or pending at my day job, own this site and blog, and have several other business interests, etc. I graduated top of my class in business with a 4.0 GPA and am working on an MBA.

I got a note from an occasional reader and annoying troll the other day who stumbled onto my blog and stated the following:

By the way, good website, but you should quote the entire contents of the articles that you discuss, that way you can report a true unbias story! Journalist or writers write on both sides of the story not narrowed minded. Not just the opinion of a schooled boy, but as an educated adult!

It is obvious this person is first, retarded, and second, has no clue what my site is about. So just in case, I am posting the wikipedia definition for all of my readers of what a "blog is:

A weblog, which is usually shortened to blog, is a website where regular entries are made (such as in a journal or diary) and presented in reverse chronological order. Blogs often offer commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. Most blogs are primarily textual although many focus on photographs, videos or audio.

The first blogs were known as "online diaries", and started in 1994. The term "weblog" itself was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997.

Sometimes, you laugh at people. I got the e-mail and will not identify the source, but will tell you that it indicates a complete lack of comprehension of the way that the Internet works, what blogging is, and what my site is all about. I know who the person is and that she is scouring my site for personal information, much like a stalker going after people on myspace. I put personal information on the site and the person reads my site to keep up on personal information. But come on. Don't call me a "schooled boy" and then talk about "narrowed minded" journalism and "unbias story" and then attack my education. Learn how to speak English and figure out that in my "schooling" I learned the terms are "narrow minded" and "unbiased story".

The Internet is full of trolls, but if you are going to attack my site and my education, at least do it with some kind of intelligent comment and good grammar. Especially if you are going to read my site only to scour for personal information.

BTW, this is how I spend my time in the summer when I am waiting for ski season. I was up in Brian Head checking on my second condo's building progress and working on investment loans. The place is coming along nicely, but I have to pony up 10% of the $400k to finish the contract and get the mortgage for the new condo approved. I am debating on whether or not to buy the place still, but the construction looks very good. I am stoked to see the framing done, and not just the foundations poured.

When will football and basketball season start so that the snow will start falling again? It is almost July, so the countdown is around five months now before Brian Head should open.

Posted by Justin at June 24, 2006 03:19 AM