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June 08, 2006

How to Support Democracy and the Judicial Process--Snowbowl Edition

Is this what the folks at Save the Peaks and the Navajo Nation are all about?

Flagstaff Mayor Joe Donaldson got a nasty surprise after attending a candidate's forum where his support of snowmaking at the Arizona Snowbowl was a point of contention.

Vandals had littered his car with toilet paper, and placed a urine-filled commode on top.

Donaldson took it as an extreme example of opposition to using reclaimed Flagstaff wastewater to make snow on the nearby mountaintop.

He's a backer of the plan, and it wasn't popular with many in the audience at the Wednesday evening forum sponsored by Native Americans for Community Action.

So sue in the courts and make a case. When you do not win and while appeals are still pending and before a single shovel of dirt has been turned, start threatening and harassing elected officials that disagree with your point of view.

Boy, for a group preaching about how the rest of us should show racial tolerance and respect the tribes and their viewpoint, it seems that the vandals don't respect the rights of politicians to have differing opinions on the matter.

Let's ask Joe Shirley if having urine, toilet paper, and a commode placed on your car is like "a mother being raped in front of her child" or perhaps it is just like genocide. Does Joe Shirley support vandalism of property being done in the name of his cause?

Posted by Justin at June 8, 2006 09:27 PM