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June 01, 2006

Down to Six--Two More Against Dallas

Tonight, Tera, Jake, Jeremy, and I are going to US Airways Center for a Season Ticket Holder's game 5 party at the Pavillion. The biggest game of the year was Game 5 against the Lakers, when the Suns blew them out and sent it to a Game 6. Wait, no, it was Game 6 when Tim Thomas hit the last second 3 to send it to overtime. Nah, it was Game 7 to decide if Kobe or Nash went on to play the Clippers. Or perhaps it was Game 5 against the Clips when Raja hit the miracle 3 to send the game into another OT. Or that Game 7.

The whole point is that the Suns have played in two seven game series and made big shot after big shot. Like the NCAA tournament, you have to be both lucky and good to win it all. You need a friendly bounce here, a miracle shot there, and six wins. In the NBA Playoffs, you need 16, but can lose 12 along the way.

It is a roller coaster and then some. Every loss stings worse and every win feels better the farther you advance. Now, the Suns are in territory that they have not been since Sir Charles, KJ, Marjerle, Oliver Miller, TC, Ced, and others were here and I was a senior in high school. My wife was a Freshman at the time. Couldn't even drive yet. The Suns are not only in the Western Conference Finals, but have already won two games. It is a best of three.

I was going through some of the old posters that I have from when my son Jake as probably 2 and we put up sports posters in his room. My two favorites--a Suns poster with KJ, Jason Kidd, Rex, and Wes Person; and a New Jersey Nets poster of Keith Van Horn. I kept them rolled up since we repainted Jake's room at the old house and got them out. I made sure to taunt Jake with the Van Horn poster. Every time I mention the similarity, he gets madder. Good times.

I have been scouring the Valley to find a metal bell for the games. I finally found one at a Gourmet Kitchen supply store in Arrowhead. Bought two of them. Raja just keeps answering the call. Big shots, suspensions, injuries. TNT issued a challenge that Suns fans are burnt out from the long playoff series. We are quiet. So now, we know the season and a trip to the finals comes down to one home game sandwiched between two in Dallas. I am doing my best to rest my voice.

Posted by Justin at June 1, 2006 11:46 AM