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June 30, 2006

A New Vehicle for My Adventures

I broke down last night and managed to convince my wife that a Jeep Wrangler was a good idea again. We sold out my old Jeep the day my brother moved in with us again. It was a fluke coincidence that I closed the deal hours before he arrived.

With three kids and gear to haul, my old Jeep just did not offer enough room in the back seat or behind the back seat for the kids and a cooler and some luggage and... I opted this time for a 2006 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited. I bought it at 7:00 PM last night and just got back from taking a couple baby trails by the house. The Rubicons are so different from the regular old Jeeps. They just grab and go. The lockers rock and this is an automatic so no more burning the clutch or shifting. Makes life so much easier.

My cousins have a Rubicon too and are using the condo this weekend for their wedding anniversary or we would be out on the trail as we speak. That was a big factor in buying it. I absolutely love trailing with them and with the place in Utah, there are so many areas in the mountains to explore.

The downside to living in a city is that if you don't get out of it occasionally, you lose touch with reality and nature. Hence why I ski. Humans were not made to live in massive cities, but then again, I don't exactly want to be Ugh and eat raw meat that I killed with a spear and die at 35 either. So skiing, the condo, the mountain bikes, and now the Jeep let me balance the Ugh side of me with the side that likes Suns tickets and Starbucks.

Posted by Justin at June 30, 2006 03:32 PM


My cousin sucks cowballs! But, he has an awesome Jeep!!!!!!!

Posted by: Nat at July 2, 2006 09:07 PM

My cousin sucks cowballs! And, he's too %@*#'ng slow to check his blog comments!

Posted by: Nat at July 2, 2006 09:23 PM

What I didn't tell anyone is that my cousin's jeep could be seen just in front of mine originally because they were able to cross the muddy sinkhole IN THEIR RUBICON! But to pay them back, when they tried to tow me out, the tow strap snapped and busted their headlight. That is what you get for owning a Rubicon and not getting stuck.

On another note, we went up the same canyon about a week or two later and found a 4 Door F-350 4x4 Dually stuck as bad as I have ever seen a vehicle stuck. He wanted our two jeeps to pull his 7,000 pound vehicle out. I had to try to keep a straight face as he, his buddy, and their two girlfriends tried to call a towtruck and the company laughed at them on the cell phone.

Enjoy the condo Nat. I owe you a free weekend for pulling me out. =)

Posted by: Justin B at July 2, 2006 10:26 PM

The condos's the best!! We are having a blast. We tried fishing at Panguitch Lake today. No luck! We'll try the creeks nearby tomorrow.The rains been coming down for hours and it keeps on coming. We're loving it! Thanks!!!

Posted by: Nat at July 3, 2006 06:19 PM