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May 07, 2006

Willisms Invitation to the "Pundit Roundtable"

I don't mix business with pleasure, unless it is creating a business around blogging about skiing. I don't bring up religion. Spend too much time talking about my condo and Phoenix Sports. So sue me. And if you are grossed out by politics, be forewarned--I am linking to my favorite blog on Economics and Politics on the Internet since they asked me to participate in their Pundit's Roundtable.

The questions posed:

  • Topic 1: What do you think are the biggest failings of the Bush administration? Is there time enough to correct them before President Bush leaves office?
  • Topic 2: Porter Goss, Andrew Card and Scott McClellan are gone, and Karl Rove has been demoted. Are recent personnel changes going to reinvigorate the Bush administration, or is this merely a rearrangement of the deck chairs?
  • Topic 3: Who is the most overrated artist, thinker or personality of all time?


I will only touch on one part of my answer since it is so a-political, but does involve a little bit of religion. And this is only the second half of my answer.

3. I will add a simple tidbit on personalities and other overrated people—Tom Cruise. How the hell did this guy go from Risky Business to being the world’s preeminent expert on Mental Disorders and Psychiatric treatment simply by joining a cult and reading some science fiction? Put on your sunglasses, slide across the wood floor in your socks, and shut the hell up. MI-3 should have been about the Impossible Mission of him coming out of the closet and fathering a child. I believe that about as much as Michael Jackson and Debbie Roe.

Like Will Franklin or hate him, he is meticulous about his research and extremely intelligent. We almost came to FLAMING BLOG BLOWS over Vince Young last year, but other than that, I just love reading his posts. And he has some great commentators. So stop by and Flame about hating Bush, or about loving Bush, or about the Economy, or about the merits of Vince Young. But the site is a great read

Posted by Justin at May 7, 2006 12:36 PM