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May 17, 2006

The Bell Tower Rings in Games 5

Two weeks ago, which seems like eternity, the Suns were fighting for their lives down 3-1 against the Lakers. And the series turned when Raja Bell clothesline Kobe and sent a message to the league--we are not soft. We are not finesse. We can get Physical.

Last night Raja didn't have Kobe to knockdown, so he did the next best thing, KNOCKED DOWN THE BEST SHOT SINCE... Tim Thomas did it in Game 6 against the Lakers. Thomas had an open look. Raja shot over a defender who was draped all over him. From the Arizona Republic:

"I'm not one of those guys to ask for the ball or anything," Bell said. "But when (coach Mike D'Antoni) drew up the play, I was pretty excited."

Just like that, the Suns have a new go-to guy.

"He's made big shots before," D'Antoni said. "It just seemed like he was the one we should go to."

I have my cousin in town and decided that he and my brother could take my tickets in section 211. Section 210's front three rows are affectionately known as "The Bell Tower" because they all have bells for Raja. He has signed almost all of them and they even had Bell Tower t-shirts made up. So I was at home when with 3.6 seconds left and the Suns down by 3, the Suns called timeout. All I kept saying to my wife was "Get it Raja, Get it to Raja". The Suns did and Raja nailed the money shot to send the game to a second overtime.

The Clippers should not have even gone back on the court after Raja's shot. They were deflated. Defeated. Done. Over. Ballgame. Probably Series. Raja stuck a dagger in Sam Cassell. Elton Brand said it best:

For the Clippers, "That's the most disappointing game I've been a part of," Elton Brand said. "We had it."

Yep. LA now has a support group for you and Sam, Elton. "Hi, my name is Kobe, and I got my heart ripped out by Raja." Hi, Kobe.

Posted by Justin at May 17, 2006 03:58 PM