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May 25, 2006

Suns Win Game 1, but May Lose Raja for Game 2

Toughness, both mental and physical, is what Raja has brought to the Suns this year. No knock on Q, who played exceptionally well last year in stretches until disappearing in the playoffs, but Raja was a huge upgrade. Especially at the defensive end.

So now the Suns face another big road game without their defensive stopper after a ginormous victory in Game 1 at Dallas. The Suns' bench did not help a lot and LB had an awful game, yet the regulars--Thomas, Marion, Nash, and Boris Diaw--came up big. But no one came up bigger than Boris shooting a ten foot fallaway jumper over a doubleteam with his team down 1 and .5 seconds left. His 34 points were a career high.

Nash and Marion had their usual double doubles and Nash hit several huge shots down the stretch when the Suns were down 9 with a little over 3 minutes to play. Marion still is not the same Matrix with his injured ankle, but his play on Dirk was exceptional.

I was planning to go on a Cruise to the Western Carribean over the week of June 11-18 with my wife and several friends. It also happens to be my wife and my 10th Wedding Anniversary. I love her and all, but we have an Anniversary every year, how often do the Suns have a chance to play in the NBA Finals?

The good news here is this--I have missed two post-season games so far this year, both game 5's. One involved Raja knocking Kobe to the floor and the other involved Raja knocking down a three to send it to Double OT. I hate watching on TV, but the ship better have me hooked up.

Posted by Justin at May 25, 2006 10:46 AM