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May 23, 2006

Suns Back in Western Conference Finals

Without the hated Lakers, game 7 against the Clippers did not have the hype of the previous round. The Suns simply stepped on the court and dominated. Nash looked like an MVP. Matrix came up big. And all of it added up to a blowout.

Elton Brand is a star. But he is posting huge numbers against a Suns team with no interior defense. Sam Cassell is free to refer to Steve Nash as "the Rook", but he looked like the rookie tonight. The Suns looked two steps quicker than the Clippers. As if a day or two off cures all wounds.

Jeremy and I went to the game and missed the last 6 minutes of the Dallas-San Antonio game. We kept waiting for updates and they didn't come until mid-second quarter. And Dallas is waiting for us. Mark Cuban is waiting for another dose of humility after letting Nash go. Dirk gets to see his friend. And perhaps we can close Dallas out for the second straight year.

So on to the next round. The Suns are planning to beat the Dodgers in seven games next. Then perhaps the Kings. For that matter, the Suns would take on the Raiders and Rams if LA weren't such a hopeless town and had an NFL team. Just to hear the chants of "BEAT LA!" again. Two seven game series against LA. Two lopsided game seven victories. Two humiliating losses for my least favorite city.

Have a nice offseason. Say hi to Kobe.

Posted by Justin at May 23, 2006 02:22 AM