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May 04, 2006

Raja Takes Day Off--Game 6 Tonight

I didn't even post about Game 5 yesterday, but trust me, I almost woke the neighborhood when Raja gave Kobe the MVP trophy seen above. The Eagle (Colorado) has landed.

I make no bold predictions about Game 6. Raja will be a huge loss. Not as big of a loss as Kurt Thomas. Certainly not as big of a loss as Amare. And the Suns have overcome all of these things before. And won 54 Games.

I am sitting here just hoping that my Game 7 Ticket does not end up in my unused ticket drawer for playoff tickets next to the 2005 NBA Finals tickets that the Spurs made useless.

You won't hear conspiracy theories about how the NBA wants Kobe for ratings or how Luke Walton was out of bounds when he tied Nash up and fouled him in Game 4. You won't hear how the NBA should not have suspended Raja. Simply that I don't want this series to end and if the Suns bring their best game which they have only done once in the Series, the Lakers do not stand a chance.

The key is simple. Score 100 points and get out and run. Kobe and the Lakers can do whatever they want, but the series comes down to whether the Suns can get the offense going. And get the Matrix going. And get open looks. And make the solid pass.

I Believe and BEAT LA!

Posted by Justin at May 4, 2006 11:48 AM