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May 27, 2006

Memorial Day

A three day weekend in May. Time to go out on the boat or barbeque in the back yard. Get ready for the kids being out of school. We lose touch with what the holiday is about and I thought I would take a quick moment to remind you that while many disagree with the current administration, Memorial Day is not a day to protest Wars, but rather to remember those that fought and died in them.

I was in a restaurant last week and ran into a "boot" Navy kid and his two recruiters. He is headed to Japan in a week. I went over and talked to them for a few and let them know that I am a former Corpsman who worked with the Marines at MCAS Yuma and Camp Pendleton. Thanked them for their service. I remember working 80 hour weeks and living in crappy barracks in the desert. Making $1500 a month including clothing, food and housing allowances.

I now have a job where I make good money, am starting a business (in addition to the two I already own), and get to ski 30 days a year. It isn't because America just randomly came into existence. WWII, WWI, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, and dozens of other incidents have occurred where America has responded including Somalia, Gulf War I, Bosnia-Serbia, and dozens of other peacekeeping and humanitarian missions as well as protecting Japan and Germany for a half a century and then some.

It has happened because kids like me and my buddy Jake and my shipmates and the Marines I worked with, and others like Pat Tillman and my grandfather, and so on have made the sacrifice to protect us. It isn't glamorous or fun most of the time, but I believe our country and our freedoms are worth it. As an ASU Alum and Cardinal fan, PT was my favorite player going back to him winning the defensive player of the year award in the Pac-10 and to the 1996 Rose Bowl. He represents part of what this weekend is about.

So barbeque and take the boat out and enjoy the extra day off. But take a moment if you see a Veteran or Active Duty Sailor, Soldier, Marine, or Knee-Deep Coasty or Air Force Flyboy, to thank them. They appreciate it. And we all should appreciate what they do to keep us safe.

Posted by Justin at May 27, 2006 03:57 PM