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May 24, 2006

Let's Get the Western Conference Finals Started

Pick your plot line. Maybe it is Steve Nash and Raja Bell playing against their old team. Perhaps it is this year's Coach of the Year (The Little General) versus the Runner-up and last year's Coach of the Year (Mike D'Antoni). Maybe it is the Mavs versus the team that beat them in 6 last year. The Suns against the team that injured Joe Johnson and cost them a chance at the Finals. Or how about the two time MVP versus his best friend. But my favorite is the over the hill point guard who was gonna break down and not worth a long term deal versus the owner who let him go.

The MC for Suns games is Ced Ceballos, himself a former Sun and former Mav. It used to be when Michael Finley, Ced, and Nash played for the Mavs, they were our JV team. Not anymore.

But my absolute favorite part of the entire series is getting to see one of my favorite basketball players for an entire series. I know, he is injury prone. I know, he has played for more teams than I can keep track of. The guy that went number two overall in the draft behind Tim Duncan. Socks pulled up to the knees and all. Keith Van Horn.

Since I live in Utah, you have to swear an allegiance to one of two Utah teams. Either you like the Utes or the Cougars. Now, I know there are other teams, but generally, you can like other teams too, but at the end of the day, you better have a side in the Utah-BYU rivalry. Well, I have one up on that. I am FROM Wyoming. And there is nothing a Cowboy hates worse than BYU. So naturally, I root for the Utes. And KVH was such an awesome ballplayer in college. Fundamentals. Shooting touch. Leadership.

Then I had my gangly, awkward, tall, thin, red headed son. I will post pictures, but my son Jake looks like the before picture of Keith from grade school. We relentlessly give him crap every time we see the Mavs. I call him Keith. Ask him to pull the socks up. I think it is a compliment, but he just thinks I am mean. And I am.

So bring on the Mavs. Bring on Mark Cuban. Bring on Dirk. Bring on Jason Terry and a shot in the nads. Bring on Keith Van Horn. Finally a team not from LA.

Posted by Justin at May 24, 2006 12:30 PM