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May 05, 2006

Game 7 Tomorrow

The OLD KOBE returned. You know--the one that likes to drop 50 on folks. Here is your 50 Kobe. See you on Saturday and you are welcome to get 50 more.

This is the Kobe that has his manhood challenged. Whether by Shaq's presence or by Raja's hard foul, Kobe is not a team player. He has to take over because it proves he is a man.

While I have a tough time after 'Bron's shot over three Wizards on Wednesday saying this, but Kobe is the most unstoppable player on the planet. When having a theoretical discussion about how to defend Kobe successfully, my only response was "By challenging the credibility of the victim and making it about Race." The only ones that can defend Kobe are Defense Lawyers.

So now it comes down to the Octagon. Down to a winner take all Game 7 in Phoenix. And Timmy Thomas dropping the three with 6 seconds to go as Kwame Brown flew by to tie it was almost as good as the 21 points the Suns scored in the 5 minute overtime to put it away and bring the series back to Phoenix.

I am running to buy a dozen bells for Game 7 and passing them around my section. You wanna punk Raja? You want an octagon? Start training Kobe. We will be preparing for the Clippers while you get ready for the cage fight. Kobe has an advantage because he came much closer to being in a cage than Raja ever has. Raja and Leandro are the Kobe Defense team this time. Kobe will be the only victim of Game 7. Maybe he will buy his wife a $10M diamond ring. After the elbows, maybe he should offer Raja an out of court settlement for assault.

Posted by Justin at May 5, 2006 11:10 AM