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May 20, 2006

Diamondbacks beat Braves 10-9

What a game last night between the Braves and D-backs. I caught it late, but got all the drama I needed in just the 8th and 9th. Braves take a 9-8 lead in the top of the 9th only to have Gonzo, Green, and Counsell come up with huge hits and plate two on Counsell's walk-off single with two outs.

After the game, Tera and I kicked back and watched "The Ringer" and hung out. The kids were in bed and Jeremy and Paul were down on Mill Ave. For a chaotic month long stretch, I have been going 100 miles per hour. It was nice to just chill last night.

Posted by Justin at May 20, 2006 10:52 AM