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April 23, 2006

Suns-Lakers Game 1 Update

Game one belonged to the Suns as they beat LA and held Kobe to 7-21 shooting and took a 1-0 advantage in the first round series 107-102.

This was my brother Jeremy's first Suns playoff game despite going to several regular season games over the last few years. The atmosphere is completely different. Solid Orange. Rowdy. Loud. And despite the loss of Amare several weeks ago, hopeful.

The Suns have a much easier road this year than last and manage to avoid both the Mavs and the Spurs until the Western Conference Finals, assuming they can beat the lower half of the bracket. In a strange bit of quirkiness, the Clippers as the 6 seed play a Denver team that does not have home court advantage as a 3 seed. Memphis won the honor of facing Dallas in the first round despite being a 5 seed. So lose and finish 6th and you get home court. Win and finish 5th and you get the Mavs on the road who are almost 20 games better than Denver. Phoenix's half includes Denver, the LA Clippers, and the Lakers (who Phoenix has not lost to with Nash in the lineup since his Phoenix return).

Tim Thomas continues to be the best mid-season addition in the league and poured in 22 today and grabbed 15 boards. The Suns defense was smothering at times which was a pleasant surprise, despite several horrible foul calls. When Phoenix was called for their fourth personal barely 3 minutes into the 1st QTR, it set the tone. But a victory is a victory and this is number one of sixteen.

Posted by Justin at April 23, 2006 07:17 PM