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April 12, 2006

Suns Find Some Grit in Second Half versus Suckramento

Last night was what we have been waiting for. The Suns went through the motions in the first half and let the Kings shoot 65%. Raja Bell led the charge in the second half that smothered the Kings at both the Offensive and Defensive end. The Suns scored 72 in the second half to the Kings 42.

Phoenix has locked up the number two overall seed in the West and the way things shake out, here are the matchups:

(1) San Antonio or Dallas
(8) LA or Sacramento

(4) San Antonio or Dallas
(5) LA Clippers

(3) Denver
(6) Memphis

(2) Phoenix
(7) Sacramento or LA Lakers

Nobody wants to be in the top half of the bracket and face Dallas or San Antonio. Phoenix and Denver are set at 2 and 3 and San Antonio and Dallas are set at 1 and 4, but which one is the 1 and which is the 4 is up in the air. The Suns and Mavs both have injury problems and both have been slumping as of late which clearly makes the defending champs the team to beat.

I received my playoff ticket package today in the mail and they are beautiful. I hate to use them to go to games because the tickets look so nice.

Posted by Justin at April 12, 2006 01:48 PM