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April 14, 2006

Of Baseball Purists and NBA Playoffs

Wil over at 120 Days is about as avid of a sports fan as you will ever find. But more than just sports, homeboy loves baseball. And since he is from Phoenix, he is a Diamondbacks fan. Let us not forget that before the Diamondbacks, he was also a season ticket holder to the Suns. Well, it is the offseason in Steamboat, and what is a sports fan to do? Start a summer blog about the boys of summer.

For several months this winter, when the snow was non-existent at Brian Head, Wil helped me fix my snow jones with reports from Steamboat. I am doing my best to reciprocate with reports from AWA and the BOB... wait, US Airways Center and Chase Field... and keep him up to date on the goings on back home. Check out baseballtopia. 120 Days was the first place I read during ski season and baseballtopia is now the first place I stop. BTW, Wil, I grabbed you an El Duque card at the last Diamondbacks game and set it aside for you. Wil is a huge El Duque fan. (Note about El Duque--As Dante Culpepper will soon find out, a "Boat Party" in Miami better have 150 Cubans riding on 20 inner tubes tied together.)

So contrast these two numbers--18,422 and 18745. These are the respective attendance numbers for the Suns versus Mavericks last night and next door for the Diamondbacks versus the Rockies. I got to Arizona Center to park almost an hour and a half early figuring traffic would be a mess and it would be hard to find parking for the Suns game that started at 7:30 when the Dbacks started at 6:30. Joke was on me.

Jake and I went and got some redemption for the Season opening loss to the Mavs at home in Double OT where the Suns blew a 17 point fourth quarter lead. The Suns shot 67% from three and played like a team with some fire and passion for both halves. This marks three straight halves that they have played like a contender against playoff teams. Gary Coleman was at the game to promote his new movie and looked hysterical next to Cedric Ceballos at 6'8". "Whatchoo talkin' bout Ced?"

Posted by Justin at April 14, 2006 11:03 AM


I was at that game! Gary Coleman was who announced my girlfriend and i on the court when we raced in the big beachballs. Does anybody have any pics from that game? Please send,

Posted by: Cutter at April 19, 2006 07:00 PM