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April 08, 2006

NBA Playoffs

I am going to try to take a couple trips up north this spring/summer to get in some more time on the slopes. But because I can't give up blogging close to daily until October/November and don't want to bore you all with a blog about taking the GMAT and sending transcripts to get into Business School, I am probably going to be posting more and more about some local sports stuff going on in Phoenix. Keep stopping by and there will be skiing posts mixed in with other Basketball, Baseball, and Football related posts.

Wil, I hope this makes you happy since you abandoned us desert dwellers and are missing out on the playoff run of the Suns.

BTW, Suns beat down the Lakers last night despite 51 by Kobe. I really hate Kobe, but man is he good. He has no shame and clearly no teammate better take a shot. 30 feet out, shoot it Kobe. Halfcourt? Shoot it. Conversely, I genuinely like Tim Duncan, despite the fact that the Spurs own the Suns and he is the biggest reason why. He is humble and charismatic and isn't a me first kind of guy who demands his 30 shots a game.

NBA playoffs start in two weeks. I LOVE THIS GAME. Go Suns.

Posted by Justin at April 8, 2006 12:11 PM