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April 14, 2006

Gorilla Wins Police Officer $77,777.00 on Backwards Half Court Shot

The Suns Gorilla is one of the League's best Mascotts. When Robert Sarver came along and started dunking off a trampoline, rallying the Suns fans, and bowling himself into trash cans, some might say there was a little Gorilla in him.This is only part of the story of perhaps the best skit at a Suns game since the Gorilla in a 500 lb. Oliver Miller suit.

A Suns game turned into a stunning series of events for Peoria resident John Hoebee and his 8-year-old son, Trey.

First, at Friday night's Suns game, Hoebee, a Glendale police sergeant, was charmed when his son was chosen to give pregame high-fives to the players and sit on the Suns' bench during warm up.

That was thrilling, but it wasn't all.

"While we were waiting, a lady approached me to see if we wanted to shoot the half-court shot," said Hoebee, 40. "The lord blessed us that night."

Hoebee took a shot worth $77,777.77 from the half-court line.

He missed.

But Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver offered a second chance with the Gorilla flipping it over his head.

"We shoot that all the time together and he makes about 1 of 25," Sarver said.

This was the one.

So last night, the Gorilla is seen scrubbing Robert Sarver's house, doing his laundry, cleaning his pool and toilet, and working off the $77,777.00 he cost Sarver with his half court shot. That may have been the shot of the year in the NBA. Over the shoulder, backwards, halfcourt shot for $77k. I am sure Sarver could be seen doing his best Moses and Judah Ben Hur impression (and that was perfectly timed for Easter now wasn't it)--"Damned Dirty Ape!"

Posted by Justin at April 14, 2006 11:24 AM