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April 26, 2006

Follow Up on Economics of Being a Skier

So I was thinking about things that I have to get done for next season and one of them is buying my season pass. Turns out that most resorts have season pass sales right at the end of the previous season and this is when prices are lowest. Here is the deal at Brian Head:

Adult Season Pass = $339
Minus College Student Discount of $50 = $289

If you do a family pass, you get discounts on everyone's pass by lumping them all together. With my kids set to attend school in Utah next winter, the kids' passes were only $89 each. Turns out, for me, Tera, Jeremy, Jake, Jackson, and Jarrett, the total ran right at $900. The boys all have their own equipment (Jarrett's is too big since it is hand-me-downs from Jake), so we don't have to do rentals. They have smokin' deals on season rentals too, but I am not sure all the details.

Seriously, check out Brian Head and give them a call about Season Passes before it is too late. Tracy in the pass office tends bar part time at the Navajo lodge and is one of the coolest people on the mountain to talk to. She will hook you up and at $289 (before the discount for buying a family pass), it only takes 6-7 days on the mountain before you are skiing for free. For the kids, it is more like 3 days.

And why am I already making preparations for the 2006-07 season already?

Posted by Justin at April 26, 2006 12:31 AM