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April 30, 2006

And With The Tenth Pick in the 2006 NFL Draft

Quarterback, Southern California, Matt Leinart.

My lasting impression of Matt Leinart will always be him just getting lit up on a late hit by Dale Robinson in the ASU-USC game last year and ending up getting stitched up on the sideline. Taking a series off. And coming back and rallying SC for a win over ASU.

Mind you it is not a pleasant memory. It was heartbreak. But Leinart is tough. And a leader. And a great pick for the Cards. He gets to learn from Kurt Warner. He would have gone number one overall last year and instead slipped to number 10.

Oh, yeah. When he does take the reins from Kurt, he gets to hand the ball to Edge. And throw to Anquan and Fitzgerald. Talk about an offense.

Am I really excited about THE CARDINALS? Almost makes you forget the Suns are down 2-1 against the Lakers. Back to the game and praying that Nash and Co. can find a way to get their heads straight. Shawn Marion has decided to take three games off. Rarely have I seen him play worse. Missed dunks and layups. Missed easy 10 foot shots. Lacking defense. Getting posted up by Luke Walton. Time to turn it up.

Posted by Justin at April 30, 2006 02:09 PM