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March 07, 2006

Snowboarding Stance Adjustments

Let me start with a disclaimer, I am not a snowboarder. I ski. My brother Jeremy is a snowboarder and while ski bindings leave little adjustment necessary, I am constantly around boarders and want to understand the things that are important to them. I might insert something about shopping at Trails here, but that would just insult the two snowboarders that don't shop there. =) Aside from my skier bias, it is a huge plus when the folks I roll with have their bindings well adjusted because it is surely going to improve the quality of their riding and that is good for all of us.

Wil at 120 Days has this post about his move from a Duck Stance to a Forward Stance.

Snowboarding Stance is a search phrase that seems to get hit a few times every month from Google. On Day 23’s post I talked about my stance adjustment for what eventually lead me to a -13 degree, 15 degree duck stance. Recently I moved my back foot to 3 degrees (that’s right a 16 degree shift) to point forward on a very thick and heavy powder day. That day I couldn’t turn my board to toe side very easily because the heavy powder was battling me so hard. With my back foot turned away it made it even more difficult because I couldn’t use the back foot to torque over.

Another reason I ditched the duck is that its primary benefit in advanced riding comes in freestyle boarding where the need to go switch is a high priority. I’m more of a freeride boarder and this is not an issue for me. In the end, take a few days and play with your stance. It’s a very personal thing that my just require a couple days of testing on your part to find what you like.

Probably the most complete assessment comes from this site (h/t

The binding setup, or stance, of a snowboard offers an endless variation in binding angles and positions. Most snowboarders have tried a lot of setups before choosing a particular one. I have written this article with the intention of giving solid advice and explaining more about the why of different setups. I have also tried to give the source of particular items whenever possible -- all the information in this article eventually comes from magazines, the internet and conversations with experienced- and professional snowboarders. Unfortunately, there exist many different opinions about snowboard stances and not one of them seems to prevail. In the end, there is no "best" setup and it still comes down to personal preference. Hopefully, this article will at least help you to find a setup that fits you well!

The article contains tons of information as well as the binding settings of damn near everyone that has ever been on a snowboard. Well worth reading and worth adjusting your stance and playing around with it. The right equipment adjusted the right way makes all the difference, as you can see from my bootfitting article about Alta's Deep Powder House and my boot troubles early in the season.

Wil is welcome to smack me for A. mentioning Trails in my trackback to his article and B. talking about snowboarding when I am a two plank wank. =) Had to man. Had to.

Posted by Justin at March 7, 2006 10:49 AM