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March 13, 2006

POW, SUGAR, BUTTA, Describe it how you want--Yesterday was SICK

We are immersed in a freak spring storm today. The Sheriff is stopping people without chains and the mountain is darn near impassible. Spoke with the ski office and despite the huge storm and spring break, the road conditions have prevented quite a few people from coming up.

I drove down to Cedar City last night to get some stuff for the condo and the roads were wet, but clear. By the time we came back three hours later, there was at least 3 inches of snow on the road. The plows are running now and it appears that the storm has passed, which is good news.

We rode another day of the Dunes almost exclusively, sticking to the tree lines and cutting fresh tracks most of the day. Tim came off a blind jump and clipped another snowboarder's helmet who had cut under neath him and Jeremy and I both had mishaps working on some jumps. I injured my shoulder and knee bad enough that I am done for the near future and may need a doctor's visit to ensure that all is OK. I worked on throwing 180's and grabs most of the day since the landings were so soft. I injured myself in the terrain park when I caught an edge while switch on the landing after a 180. I sucked it up and finished the day, but after landing on my head and shoulder, was seeing stars most of the day.

Note to self--work on riding switch. The only two bad falls I have had all year were riding switch in the terrain park and falling while facing backwards. Switch on skis is so counter-intuitive. Riding backwards in general is intimidating and after a couple hard spills, makes you wonder why anyone would want to.

Posted by Justin at March 13, 2006 08:07 AM


Welcome to the beat up snow-bums club... don't forget to give your anual dues to the secretary on your way out.

Posted by: Wil @ 120 Days of Powder at March 13, 2006 09:49 PM