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March 09, 2006

Some Good News on the Health Front

This Article provides some good news for folks like me. I try to stay away from politics, religion, and money on the site, though these are the favorite topics for us on our drives up skiing and have occasionally led to near fist fights (note to self: Pat Robertson and Wal-Mart cause controversy). But this is definely good news:

WASHINGTON - Cigarette sales hit a 55-year low in 2005 and have fallen by more than 21 percent since state attorneys general negotiated a landmark settlement with the industry eight years ago, newly released figures show.

The National Association of Attorneys General said Wednesday that the 378 billion cigarettes sold in the United States last year marked the lowest number sold since 1951, a time period in which the U.S. population more than doubled.

I am a pretty militant non-smoker. Jeremy is on the patch and trying to quit and I keep trying to convince him that it is almost mandatory if he lives in Utah that he quit smoking. It drives folks up north crazy. Plus living at 10k feet, you need all the oxygen you can get. So I guess this is a time to give my little bro some props for being part of the decline in smoking and for busting his butt and enduring my ridicule and scorn. He isn't completely broken of the habit yet, but making good progress. Down to 5 per day or so.

BTW, it is crazy snowing all weekend at Brian Head. If you can get up there, this is the perfect time to get in some powder days.

Posted by Justin at March 9, 2006 11:49 AM


So does Jerry Falwell or Farwell or something like that.
Have a good trip this weekend.

Posted by: Jake Embleton at March 10, 2006 07:47 AM