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March 04, 2006

Brian Head's Weather Forecast LIES

Five days ago, BH was supposed to get 15-20" on Tuesday and 10-15" yesterday. And so far, out of almost 3 feet predicted, BH has received 5".

I took a half a dozen runs today with Jeremy and there are some softer spots at the top of Giant Steps and in patches on Dunes and Roulette, but for the most part, it is hard pack. Today it is approaching 40 Degrees and stuff is softening up, which does not bode well for tomorrow.

No real complaints, because skiing is skiing, but the last day we skied was a straight up powder day. Good news about today is the wind is almost non-existent. Bad news is that they are doing Snowmobile Hill Climbs on the bottom of Engens and it is loud, crowded, and annoying. Dunes and Roulette are far enough away that they block most of the noise.

We started skiing late, but made up for it by leaving early. Not a great day by any stretch, but still better than sitting around in Phoenix. There is another storm system coming through next week and we are coming back up on Friday.

Posted by Justin at March 4, 2006 02:13 PM


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