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March 07, 2006

Brian Head Expecting Snow All Week

This last week failed to materialize as hoped, but new snow is on the way this week. As I was driving home this afternoon, the light rain showers started around 4:00 PM as we headed across to 89 and back down to Phoenix.

I met with the head of IT at the resort this PM and am considering doing some part time work helping with minor IT issues next year. Wil at 120 Days shoveled snow to get his free season pass, and doing some IT work will give me something to do to keep my mind sharp. Plus the Cable TV at the condo really sucks and I can't get Direct TV (north facing condo). Without a Tivo, what else do I have to do but work?

The snow is getting pretty icy and not worth busting my head open on, so I am waiting to see how things turn out this week. We are making plans for about 8 of us to head up this weekend and ski, plus next week is Spring Break for Jake and Jackson, so hopefully the snow situation improves. Not a bad snow situation as the base is not horrible, but I got spoiled by the last few powder days.

Posted by Justin at March 7, 2006 01:35 AM