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March 29, 2006

18" of Fresh at Brian Head last night

Title says it all. And it is still snowing today. I am heading back from Dallas on Friday and probably going to BH on Saturday morning if at all possible.

The season is winding down and I am really hating the thought that I have to suffer through another six months of summer with no skiing. I am going to try to get some more skiing in, despite spring conditions, before the season ends.

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March 26, 2006

Adam at Highly Obsessed's Knee and Canadian Healthcare

Don't want to get all political on you, but Adam over at Highly Obsessed has a bum knee. And really who among us doesn't. He tells his story of trying to get things figured out up in Canada, get his knee treated, and get healed:

I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say the needle they drained my knee with was goddamn huge, and was filled entirely with blood. Even the orhopedic surgeon was surprised. At that point, he was 100% sure I had torn my ACL, and that I would need an arthroscopy. But once he drained the knee he was able to examine it, and was surprised at what good shape it was in.

So that's good news: it's likely not related to my ACL.

But now things get interesting: no-one can tell me what's wrong, exactly. And why is that? Because I need an MRI.

Well, that's not a problem, you think. Get an MRI. Here's the problem: the waiting times for an MRI are insane. At North York General (the hospital where I have been going) the waiting time is 55 days.

55 days? I have to wait 55 days to find out what's wrong? So then someone can figure out whether I need physio, arthroscopic knee surgery or otherwise?

I have to say, this is the first time I've really needed to rely on Ontario's health care system for something beyond a trip to the doctor in quite some time, and a 55 day wait is a joke. And really, I'm just a jackass that screwed up his knee playing recreational basketball.

I am openly asking Tim and Erich, who better be reading the site regularly since they have both gotten to stay in the pimp condo, to weigh in on the superiority of Canadian Healthcare since they have explained how vastly superior long wait times for free care are to our system of paying your own way.

When you tear an MCL or ACL, let me know whether you would rather have an MRI right away and be back on the board or wait 55 days to find out what it wrong. I think I will take my $400 per month insurance premium and immediate access to healthcare. Adam may end up heading to the US and spending $1000 to get an MRI in Buffalo simply because he cannot wait for the "free" Canadian MRI. Welcome to government run idiocy. Customer Service--Ever get customer service at the MVD? Same folks will be running the Healthcare system that run the MVD.

While old folks may be running to Canada to buy Canadian drugs on the cheap, Canadians are running to America to get the care that they cannot get in Canada due to long wait times.

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March 24, 2006

Work Trip to Dallas

Posting might be sparse for the next week or so as I am taking a roadie to Dallas to teach a class on the software I work on. I get to help set up a lab for the class and teach a five day course on provisioning products.

I have trips to Dallas, New York City, and Poughkeepsie lined up for April, so I should be good and busy. I am just wanting to pass this spring and summer by and can't wait to move to Brian Head full time and start school.

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The Return of Amare

Last night I took an old family friend and my former high school Spanish teacher with me to see Portland versus the Suns. But we were not there to see Portland or the Suns... simply to see one man--AMARE!

20 pts and 9 rebs later, Stat is back. He is not dominating and explosive like the last time I watched him explode for 40 against Tim Duncan and almost single-handedly win game 5, but certainly a top notch player in his prime again. His rhythm was off slightly and he mistimed a couple of rebounds, but it was electric.

Come to mention it, this may have been the most electric the atmosphere at US Airways has been since the back to back with Miami and San Antonio in January. Coach D'Antoni had Eddie House commit a foul in backcourt with 1:25 left in the 4th QTR so that he could pull Amare to a standing ovation of the 12,000 or so fans that were left in a blowout game.

It looks like I am waiting to start school at Southern Utah University until September, so I will be around when the Suns bring home their first Championship.

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March 23, 2006

Joining the Super Adventure Club

One of the few vices that I have is my love for TV Humor. South Park, while at times just idiotic, is a staple of the IT Worker's life, much the same as Office Space and in general sci-fi movies are. When the Matrix came out, everyone was watching pirated copies of it on their laptops within days. When Star Wars E1 came out, despite the disappointment, Sith Lord toys ruled the workplace.

So last night, I forced myself to stay up to watch the sendoff to Chef on South Park. It didn't take much arm twisting to catch the new South Park and Mind of Mencia. I caught an episode of Futurama on Cartoon Network, just for good measure.

Check the article above on the war between Scientology and South Park. And to quote S3-E1 of Arrested Development-- "This Handsome young doctor on the today show said that post-partum depression medications lead to street drugs."

"That's not a doctor, mom, that's the actor Tom Cruise."

"Well, they said he was some sort of scientist or something."

Good times. Good times.

Posted by Justin at 02:47 PM

Montana Meth Project

Probably way off topic, but stumbled onto a great article in the Arizona Republic today about the Montana Meth Project. A billionair, Thomas Siebel of Siebel Systems fame, is funding the program to reduce meth usage among teens in Montana.

The commercials are graphic, but so is what Meth does to people. Well worth checking out both the article and the website.

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March 20, 2006

Ski Map Artist (h/t Snowluva)

Via Snowluva, got to this link of the site of an artist that does ski maps. Pretty cool stuff to check out.

Beautiful stuff out there and it makes me wish I would have taken off this weekend and headed north and skied.

Posted by Justin at 08:01 PM

More on Snowbowl's Snowmaking

When will the insanity end?

FLAGSTAFF - A group has presented the city with petitions that asked the City Council to block snowmaking with reclaimed wastewater on the San Francisco Peaks.

The unofficial petitions were delivered to Mayor Joe Donaldson on Friday, the same day that the Arizona Snowbowl ski area opened this season. Record-breaking low snowfall this year delayed its opening day by three months.


The Navajo Nation has appealed a court decision to allow the ski area to use treated wastewater to make snow, arguing that federal environmental policies weren't followed and the tribe's religious freedom was violated.

The Save the Peaks Coalition said its petitions contained more than 3,000 signatures, including those from people in other countries.

The petitions seek to cancel the already approved sale of the water to the ski area. An automatic renewal agreement has already been signed and approved twice by the City Council. Construction on the pipeline, to be financed by Snowbowl, has yet to begin.

Let me go through the argument briefly again.

Snowbowl wants to add snowmaking capability to their small resort that sits on Federal Land and is the only skiing/snowboarding opportunity within 3 hours of Phoenix, now the 5th Largest City in the United States with almost 3.5M people. The ski area takes up under 200 acres and the snowmaking will use reclaimed wastewater that the city of Flagstaff treats and normally releases into the local river. Most ski resorts use reclaimed water and most resorts offer snowmaking to ensure a consistent season. The Forest Service went through extensive hearings and decision making and OK's the plan.

The Navajos object because they claim the peaks are sacred. Using reclaimed water would desecrate their shrine. The Sierra Club objects because they either don't like the resort or don't like the environmental impacts of waste water, but the environmental assessment has disproven their theories. The White Mountain Apache Tribe owns a competing resort that uses wastewater for snowmaking and objects because it will impact their business to have Snowbowl expand and also out of solidarity against the White Oppressors of the Federal Government. People in Flag are mixed. Hippie Moonbats want to save mother earth, but some are also snowboarders or skiers which leaves them in a quandry. The net is that in order for the resort to stay in business, snowmaking is a must. So this is basically a choice between shutting the resort down, coming up with an alternate plan, or implementing a plan approved by the Forest Service, Town of Flagstaff, and affirmed by the courts.

Now, we have folks from another country coming in to sign petitions about what to do with Federal "multi-use" land that our courts have already affirmed are justified in using treated wastewater. Again and Again, different groups have used a "kitchen sink" approach to throw everything they can at the resort to stop the expansion. People that have never been to Flagstaff or the peaks. People that do not understand the term multi-use. We are not talking about a strip mine or clear cutting a forest. We are talking about a ski resort. And the only argument that holds any water is that of the religious rights of the Navajos being violated. Using Wastewater is being done at most resorts across the country.

I don't understand how pouring wastewater into the local river is OK, but making artificial snow with treated wastewater is not. Why is hiking on the peaks or simply looking at them ok, but skiing is now? This is not about wastewater, but about whether skiing should be allowed on the peaks, which the Navajos also sued to stop in the late 1970's and lost.

This sort of endless lawsuit process is retarded. This may well push the snowmaking out into the next decade while this snakes its way through the courts. And Snowbowl gets branded by the Sierra Club and the Navajos as the next Exxon Valdez.

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March 18, 2006

Lofts at Brian Head

Interesting new project is coming to Brian Head starting this year. The Lofts at Brian Head is the first new condo complex build at Brian Head in almost 25 years. Prices start at around $425,000 for a 1600 sq. ft. condo.

Considering that the going rate for crusty old 1970's condos with popcorn ceilings and nasty interiors is close to $250 per sq. ft. right now, the $260 per sq. ft. asking price for the lofts is a heck of a bargain.

If you are interested, I have worked with Chris Thompson at High Country Realty on a couple of properties now (one fell through and buying one now) and he is a straight shooter and a quality guy. Make sure you call Chris and let him know that Justin at sent you. My wife and I are looking at one of the units now since our current condo, despite being pimped, is a bit on the small side for five of us to live in year round.

BTW, my wife and I are strongly considering relocating permanently to Brian Head starting this fall. Details are still in the works, but the new condo is a major consideration.

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March 16, 2006

Taking a Much Deserved Weekend Off

I am still recovering from the stupidity of this weekend (shoulder and knee still hurting). Last night, I watched the Suns destroy the Clippers and in all probability, finish off winning the Pacific for the second season in a row.

Today starts the single best three week run in sports. MARCH MADNESS. And again, for the 7th time in 8 years under Rob Evans, ASU is not dancing and the Wildcats are. While Men's basketball at ASU has been disappointing, the Sun Devil Women are playing a first round regional game in Tucson and had one of the best seasons ever in ASU Women's History. I am not much of a fan of Women's basketball, but I am considering making the drive down to Tucson to cheer for my Devils. At least one team from ASU could win a game at McHale.

Brian Head has snow on the way this weekend, but as the season winds down, I need to heal a little bit. I am hoping for one or two more good trips before Easter and summer starts. Enjoy the Tourney and cheer for the USA versus Mexico today in the WBC. Not a bad weekend for sports, huh?

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March 14, 2006

Kids Learn to Ski Program and "Get Better" at Brian Head

Jarrett had exactly one run on skis under him prior to this weekend, but at age 5 (in February), I felt he was finally ready to begin learning to ski. My concerns about teaching him before age 5 were centered around weather more than anything since he is an Arizona boy like his mom and has never really been in the cold. Tera is also ramping up her skills and probably a 1+ or maybe 2 on the skills scale.

I called ahead to make reservations at the Tiny Tracks Ski program at Brian Head (which is suggested). Since he has a season pass and his own equipment (thanks for the old gear, Jake), his day lesson in Tiny Tracks was only $68. Not a bad value for an entire day of lessons, some lunch, some hot cocoa and lots of personal attention.

I was genuinely impressed with the program. Jake did a half day of lessons, but at the time when he was five, I was still probably a beginner/intermediate, so I after his half day lesson, he was my sidekick. Jarrett is not so lucky. Dad and big brother are off in steeps and deeps and skiing the bunny hill is not my idea of how to spend a weekend, let alone the sick powder from this weekend. The instructors we almost all young (Cedar City is a college town and most employees are students or former students at SUU), but they gave tons of personal attention to not just Jarrett, but me too when I dropped him off and picked him up. Most were aching to get their turns in in the pow.

My criteria for evaluating things is pretty simple--did he have fun and did he learn something. On both counts, the answer was a resounding yes. First, it was crazy cold with a standing temp of 10 degrees. Second, it was snowing heavily. Add some wind and it makes for a miserable day for a little one. Despite the cold, Jarrett had fun. Tera on the other hand didn't. =) On the learning front, he is turning and "pizza-ing". I prefer "wedge" or "snowplow" but he looks at me like what are you talking about when I don't say pizza.

Jake came home talking about doing 180's and hitting boxes and Jarrett wants to do jumps and ski with his big brother so bad. It is the coolest thing in the world. I think this experience will provide a solid base for next season and if we can get him linking turns and starting to parallel, he can start hanging with me and Jake.

Tera on the other hand, had a pretty miserable weekend. She was sick to start with on Saturday, but went up and got a good half day in at "Get Better". For $20, they spend two hours working with you on the slopes. With Adults, my firm belief is that it is all about snow time. You just have to put in the time building on your skills and have some coaching to progress from the snowplow into parallel turns. But it takes time more than anything. The coaching let her work on her skiing without forcing me to play instructor (on a powder day no less). I met her at the lodge at 2:00 PM and had a Starbucks with her. I believe that Jarrett and Tera are both getting close to hitting blue groomers and at that point, we can start skiing together more.

Brian Head leaves something to be desired for me and some of my buddies who want long steeps with 4000 ft. verticals and double black terrain, but is unmatched at providing a solid and affordable family ski experience.

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Sunrise and Snowbowl to Open this Weekend

Looks like winter is not over. The latest winter storm dumped over 5 feet at Sunrise and better than 3 feet at Snowbowl. This would have been the first time in several decades that Snowbowl failed to open for at least a day in a season.

Who knows how long either resort will remain open, but this gives the folks in Flag that have season passes at least something for their $400. What a bummer for the folks that enjoyed last year's 450" season only to be rewarded with ONE SKI DAY for 2006. It may be a ski week, but nonetheless, it has been brutal for the SouthWest this year.

My shoulder is still aching and I smell of Icy Hot from my knee and shoulder. I am sore, I am tired, I am disappointed that I only skied two days this weekend instead of four, and more than anything, I am glad to sleep in my fat king sized bed at home and hopefully heal my aching body.

Sunday is shaping up to be a day to remember. Epic Pow. Trying some new tricks. I wasn't the only one that caught an Edge on Sunday. The Cardinals caught one too, took $30M over four years, but the Cards made their single biggest signing in the last 17 years in the desert. Oh, yeah, and they hosed Indy in the process. And I select my new seats in Glendale on April 4th. I have the Draft, NBA Playoffs, mini-camps, and a long summer in Brian Head to look forward to. Then the NFL and Ski Seasons. 2006-07 is around the corner.

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March 13, 2006

POW, SUGAR, BUTTA, Describe it how you want--Yesterday was SICK

We are immersed in a freak spring storm today. The Sheriff is stopping people without chains and the mountain is darn near impassible. Spoke with the ski office and despite the huge storm and spring break, the road conditions have prevented quite a few people from coming up.

I drove down to Cedar City last night to get some stuff for the condo and the roads were wet, but clear. By the time we came back three hours later, there was at least 3 inches of snow on the road. The plows are running now and it appears that the storm has passed, which is good news.

We rode another day of the Dunes almost exclusively, sticking to the tree lines and cutting fresh tracks most of the day. Tim came off a blind jump and clipped another snowboarder's helmet who had cut under neath him and Jeremy and I both had mishaps working on some jumps. I injured my shoulder and knee bad enough that I am done for the near future and may need a doctor's visit to ensure that all is OK. I worked on throwing 180's and grabs most of the day since the landings were so soft. I injured myself in the terrain park when I caught an edge while switch on the landing after a 180. I sucked it up and finished the day, but after landing on my head and shoulder, was seeing stars most of the day.

Note to self--work on riding switch. The only two bad falls I have had all year were riding switch in the terrain park and falling while facing backwards. Switch on skis is so counter-intuitive. Riding backwards in general is intimidating and after a couple hard spills, makes you wonder why anyone would want to.

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March 11, 2006

Exercise Extreme Caution

Black ice is no joke. And it is nothing but black ice from St. George all the way to Cedar City. To make it to worse, it is still snowing. YOU MUST HAVE CHAINS OR YOU WILL BE STRANDED.

That was the bad news. Now the good news. IT IS SICK HERE. Dumping as we speak and sick. Knee deep or more, and no end to the snow in sight. They are saying another foot or more tonight and tomorrow.

So if you have a huge SUV and chains, head on up. If you are driving the old Honda Accord, stay in Vegas or LA or Phoenix. It is not a good weekend to sleep in the car. As for me, we may end up stuck up here for several days and miss work. I hate it when that happens.

Today was Jarrett's second day on snow and he had a blast. Jake was talking trash to me today before we hit the terrain park. I told him to put up or shut up. He asked what I would do if he threw a 180 and rode off the jump switch. I figured I would humor him and said if he started throwing 180's we would buy an Xbox 360 for the condo. I really hate that kid sometimes. He threw one the first time out of the gate. He is riding parallel like a champ and starting to throw stuff off the jumps. I was literally shocked how much better his form is. But in steeps and deeps, I still was smoking him. He is going to try a 360 pretty quick. I am working with him on pole placement in his turns and riding switch.

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March 10, 2006

Winter Finally Arrives at Brian Head

Sickness. That is all I can say. The Brian Head Snow Report says it all. For 2005-2006, since October, BH has received a total of 178" of Snow All Year. 28" of that has been in the last 2 days. That is roughtly 15% of the snowfall all year in the last two days. And more on the way.

The National Weather Service sees the next three days shaping up as follows:

  • Today: Snow showers. Snow accumulation 5 inches. Probability of measurable precipitation 100 percent. West wind 12 mph. High 13.

  • Tonight: Snow. Snow accumulation 3 inches. Probability of measurable precipitation 60 percent. Southwest wind 14 mph. Low 3.

  • Saturday: Snow. Snow accumulation 8 inches. Probability of measurable precipitation 80 percent. Southwest wind 21 mph. High 13.

  • Saturday Night: Snow. Snow accumulation 7 inches. Probability of measurable precipitation 80 percent. South wind 17 mph. Low 4.

  • Sunday: Snow. Snow accumulation 2 inches. Probability of measurable precipitation 70 percent. West wind 22 mph. High 15.

  • Sunday Night: Snow. Snow accumulation 2 inches. Probability of measurable precipitation 60 percent. Low 2.

  • Monday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of snow. Probability of measurable precipitation 50 percent. High 17.

My wife packed the clothes and the truck last night. We are rolling in about four hours. Heaven awaits. POWDER!

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March 09, 2006

Some Good News on the Health Front

This Article provides some good news for folks like me. I try to stay away from politics, religion, and money on the site, though these are the favorite topics for us on our drives up skiing and have occasionally led to near fist fights (note to self: Pat Robertson and Wal-Mart cause controversy). But this is definely good news:

WASHINGTON - Cigarette sales hit a 55-year low in 2005 and have fallen by more than 21 percent since state attorneys general negotiated a landmark settlement with the industry eight years ago, newly released figures show.

The National Association of Attorneys General said Wednesday that the 378 billion cigarettes sold in the United States last year marked the lowest number sold since 1951, a time period in which the U.S. population more than doubled.

I am a pretty militant non-smoker. Jeremy is on the patch and trying to quit and I keep trying to convince him that it is almost mandatory if he lives in Utah that he quit smoking. It drives folks up north crazy. Plus living at 10k feet, you need all the oxygen you can get. So I guess this is a time to give my little bro some props for being part of the decline in smoking and for busting his butt and enduring my ridicule and scorn. He isn't completely broken of the habit yet, but making good progress. Down to 5 per day or so.

BTW, it is crazy snowing all weekend at Brian Head. If you can get up there, this is the perfect time to get in some powder days.

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March 08, 2006

How I Spent My Kids' College Fund

I just renewed my season tickets to the Phoenix Suns today. Not a tough decision. The victory over Dallas on Sunday (which I skipped an icy day at Brian Head to watch in the condo clubhouse), the 11 Game Win Streak, Amare, Nash, Marion, a 62 Win Season last year, and the fact that my kids love going to games with me convinced me. So here is the deal:

I paid $1200 for two seats in Section 211, but got free parking for the season (worth $8 per game or almost $350) and an iPod mini (worth $100). Works out to $25 per game and now that doesn't even cost parking, which is less than taking a date to see Brokeback Mountain.

I am actually delaying a trip to Utah for a sick powder day to spend Thursday night watching Phoenix vs. San Antonio. In addition, I am renewing my ASU Season tickets for football and just bought cheap seats for the Cardinals.

I am certainly not rich. My skiing habit and my condo, combined with my tickets to ASU, the NFL, and Suns, as well as my love for electronics is going to mean my kids better be dang good athletes, National Merit Scholars, or desire a job in the janitorial arts. But hey, I went to community college and look how I turned out. And you don't need a degree to be a ski bum, you just need to know how to ski drunk like Bode. I am hoping more like Jeremy Bloom myself.

Yesterday I took Jake out of school to watch USA versus Mexico in the World Baseball Classic and he is going to miss part of Friday to head to Utah and ski. You don't need to be literate to tell the difference betweek black diamonds and green circles. He knows his shapes. Shape recognition was the most difficult part of the application for me to get into Arizona State.

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6" of Fresh Last Night at BH and Still Dumping

Check out the links on the right side and have a look at the webcam. This storm is doing some dumping. Should make for a good weekend.

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March 07, 2006

Snowboarding Stance Adjustments

Let me start with a disclaimer, I am not a snowboarder. I ski. My brother Jeremy is a snowboarder and while ski bindings leave little adjustment necessary, I am constantly around boarders and want to understand the things that are important to them. I might insert something about shopping at Trails here, but that would just insult the two snowboarders that don't shop there. =) Aside from my skier bias, it is a huge plus when the folks I roll with have their bindings well adjusted because it is surely going to improve the quality of their riding and that is good for all of us.

Wil at 120 Days has this post about his move from a Duck Stance to a Forward Stance.

Snowboarding Stance is a search phrase that seems to get hit a few times every month from Google. On Day 23’s post I talked about my stance adjustment for what eventually lead me to a -13 degree, 15 degree duck stance. Recently I moved my back foot to 3 degrees (that’s right a 16 degree shift) to point forward on a very thick and heavy powder day. That day I couldn’t turn my board to toe side very easily because the heavy powder was battling me so hard. With my back foot turned away it made it even more difficult because I couldn’t use the back foot to torque over.

Another reason I ditched the duck is that its primary benefit in advanced riding comes in freestyle boarding where the need to go switch is a high priority. I’m more of a freeride boarder and this is not an issue for me. In the end, take a few days and play with your stance. It’s a very personal thing that my just require a couple days of testing on your part to find what you like.

Probably the most complete assessment comes from this site (h/t

The binding setup, or stance, of a snowboard offers an endless variation in binding angles and positions. Most snowboarders have tried a lot of setups before choosing a particular one. I have written this article with the intention of giving solid advice and explaining more about the why of different setups. I have also tried to give the source of particular items whenever possible -- all the information in this article eventually comes from magazines, the internet and conversations with experienced- and professional snowboarders. Unfortunately, there exist many different opinions about snowboard stances and not one of them seems to prevail. In the end, there is no "best" setup and it still comes down to personal preference. Hopefully, this article will at least help you to find a setup that fits you well!

The article contains tons of information as well as the binding settings of damn near everyone that has ever been on a snowboard. Well worth reading and worth adjusting your stance and playing around with it. The right equipment adjusted the right way makes all the difference, as you can see from my bootfitting article about Alta's Deep Powder House and my boot troubles early in the season.

Wil is welcome to smack me for A. mentioning Trails in my trackback to his article and B. talking about snowboarding when I am a two plank wank. =) Had to man. Had to.

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This Week's Forecast--SNOW, Next Year's TV Schedule--AD on Showtime

If the rumors are true, my week suddenly got brighter:

The New York Post's Page Six gossip column reports that cable network Showtime has picked up 26 episodes of the canceled cult sitcom Arrested Development. The show was axed by Fox after three seasons of Emmy-winning hilarity due to perennially low ratings. Neither network had anything to say officially.

Add that to this little nuggest at

Tuesday--80% chance of light occassional snow in the morning tapering off to showers the rest of the day. Accumulations from overnight and through the day 5-10" possible.

My season of anguish may be over. A week straight of snow showers and the possibility that the Bluths will return this fall. Add in that my Phoenix Suns are on an 11 Game Winning Streak, and I am buying some lotto tickets and heading to Vegas because I am on top of the world... =)

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Brian Head Expecting Snow All Week

This last week failed to materialize as hoped, but new snow is on the way this week. As I was driving home this afternoon, the light rain showers started around 4:00 PM as we headed across to 89 and back down to Phoenix.

I met with the head of IT at the resort this PM and am considering doing some part time work helping with minor IT issues next year. Wil at 120 Days shoveled snow to get his free season pass, and doing some IT work will give me something to do to keep my mind sharp. Plus the Cable TV at the condo really sucks and I can't get Direct TV (north facing condo). Without a Tivo, what else do I have to do but work?

The snow is getting pretty icy and not worth busting my head open on, so I am waiting to see how things turn out this week. We are making plans for about 8 of us to head up this weekend and ski, plus next week is Spring Break for Jake and Jackson, so hopefully the snow situation improves. Not a bad snow situation as the base is not horrible, but I got spoiled by the last few powder days.

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March 04, 2006

Brian Head's Weather Forecast LIES

Five days ago, BH was supposed to get 15-20" on Tuesday and 10-15" yesterday. And so far, out of almost 3 feet predicted, BH has received 5".

I took a half a dozen runs today with Jeremy and there are some softer spots at the top of Giant Steps and in patches on Dunes and Roulette, but for the most part, it is hard pack. Today it is approaching 40 Degrees and stuff is softening up, which does not bode well for tomorrow.

No real complaints, because skiing is skiing, but the last day we skied was a straight up powder day. Good news about today is the wind is almost non-existent. Bad news is that they are doing Snowmobile Hill Climbs on the bottom of Engens and it is loud, crowded, and annoying. Dunes and Roulette are far enough away that they block most of the noise.

We started skiing late, but made up for it by leaving early. Not a great day by any stretch, but still better than sitting around in Phoenix. There is another storm system coming through next week and we are coming back up on Friday.

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March 01, 2006

Helmets are a Good Idea

I broke down and bought Jeremy a helmet yesterday at Sport's Chalet in North Phoenix. They are having a crazy sale and I figured that for a whoppin' $40, I could save caring for a vegetable for the rest of his life. Not a lot to damage in there anyway, but I try to set a good example for Jake and Jackson and wear mine. Now Jeremy can be an uncle and brother that the kids look up to because he is safe and responsible... hahahaha... He is probably going to read this and smack me now.

I went night skiing in 2003-04 and fell hard when I caught an edge. I was dizzy the entire drive home and had headaches for a week. It was bad enough that I completely destroyed my goggles and was literally seeing stars (but it was night skiing afterall). I wear mine almost all the time and for kids, especially when you are anywhere near the terrain park or newbie skiers or boarders, they are a good idea. You can be the best skier on the mountain, but a helmet protects you from the other idiot that runs into you.

That was my helmet safety course. =)

Posted by Justin at 12:36 PM

Disappointing Snowfall Last Night at Brian Head

The storm that was supposed to dump between 15-20" managed a paltry 5" last night. Very Disappointing.

There is another storm system coming through on Friday and it has been downgraded to 6-12" according to

We are due for another couple big ones this year, but as I said yesterday, the season of fresh snowfall is winding down. Brian Head is stuck on 149" total snowfall for the year, which is approximately one third of the average annual total of 400" that Brian Head normally receives with just over a month left in the season.

I got far more work done on the condo than I anticipated, but far less skiing in than hoped. We appear to be headed up this weekend and next with my wifes cousin Keith and his girlfriend Kailee Friday and my friends Jake and his sister Freddie and maybe Erich, Dan, and/or Tim from my old work. So let's hope for some snow.

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