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February 11, 2006

The Bluths Didn't Disappoint

Alright, if it is done it is done. I have 40 episodes on DVD and another 13 on the Tivo. When a TV series is so well written and humorous that you can watch episodes literally dozens of times and still find something funny or quirky each time, they are doing something radically different from what the rest of TV puts on. And different is not always what people want.

In case you don't know, last night was the season (and without Showtime or ABC's help the Series) Finale of Arrested Development. In a two hour flurry, we had Lindsey throwing herself at her brother Michael, Nellie (Justine Bateman) working as a prostitute and throwing herself at real life brother and suspected TV brother Michael (Jason Bateman), GOB dating his nephew's ex-girlfriend that he seduced when she was a beauty contestant at the Church and State Fair, GOB hitting on (adopted sister) Lindsey to get back at Michael for telling George Michael that he had stolen his girlfriend, and George Michael and Maebe getting married. Throw in some crossdressing bodybuilding hookers, a puppet named Franklin, a bunch of Saddam look-alikes, the CIA, a fake WMD from homefill, Judge Reinholt, and Stan Sitwell who cannot grow his own hair, and you can understand why people just don't get the show. You can't be a casual viewer and get how funny this really is.

Perhaps the best line of the entire two hours was almost completely missed. I missed it the first time I watched the finale. Maebe is on the boat trying to get her family to sign the release forms so that the studio that she con'ed a job at can rehire her and make a made for TV movie about her conning her way into a job. She is walking around with a clipboard and asks Buster if he wants to sign a petition to make TV better. He responds, "I kind of like Skating with Celebrities." Ah, the irony. Perhaps the best show on TV was cancelled this season so that Fox can bring us "Skating with Celebrities". Replaced on Monday nights and discarded for another reality show. From the network that brought you who wants to marry a millionaire.

Sorry to blog so much about a TV show, but trust me, the first two seasons are mandatory viewing material for the uninitiated when taking long road trips. You can't help but get addicted.

Posted by Justin at February 11, 2006 12:07 PM