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February 05, 2006

Super Sunday is Less Super This Year

Last night, I figured I would fire up the Xbox360 and play a game or two of Madden when my 9 year old said, "Let's play two player." I told him I wanted to play single player just to chill and practice. He offered up this little nugget:

"I promise I will take it easy on you."

That was code for, "Dad, now you don't have to act like an adult and my father and build my self esteem." I went Joey Porter on him with the taunting and trash talk and by the third quarter had him using the teapot tone--why can't I tackle him--and eventually throwing the controller and crying. I added more insult by running out the clock by taking three consecutive knees on his goal line instead of scoring--which happens to make it even worse.

Today officially ends the 2005 Season, but in all honesty, it ended for many of us two weeks ago. Last season for the Phoenix Suns ended the same way as the Bronco's season--on the verge of the finals, but not quite there. ASU Football had USC down big at half and LSU all but beaten on 4th and 10 from the 40, but couldn't close the deal. On the verge, but just not able to close the deals.

After today, I can look forward to two more months of skiing, the NFL draft, Baseball spring training, the NBA playoffs, and the start of training camp. Superbowl talk will be over on Monday and we can start looking forward to TO signing with Denver, Ricky Williams playing at Mile High... wait, is that at Mile High or "a mile high"? And please send snow down south. PLEASE!

Posted by Justin at February 5, 2006 11:48 AM