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February 02, 2006

More High Pressure (Warm and No Snow) at Brian Head

The storm track is getting pushed north again and Brian Head is in for a few 40 degree days coming up this weekend and next week. I was planning on taking another load of stuff from IKEA up to the condo this weekend, but now may unload the truck and reschedule.

I am planning a "friends and family" trip for the weekend of the 17th through the 20th to break in the new condo. We are straight up going for the 70's phone booth game and seeing how many folks we can cram into the place. I am thinking around 8-10 is doable. I bought some bunk beds at IKEA to match my queen bed upstairs. I am getting my office together and preparing to start the Summer Semester of this year on my MBA.

It is already February and it seems like this season never really started. It has been a bad year down south for snow, but here is hoping that the next two months make up for it. Brian Head has had 109" so far TOTAL THIS YEAR. They had that by the middle of November last year.

Posted by Justin at February 2, 2006 12:58 PM