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February 02, 2006

From USA Today--Differences Between Skiing in the US and Europe

This article discusses some of the differences between skiing in the US and Europe:

8. Beyond burgers and fries: In Europe, lunch on the slopes is an integral part of the mountain experience. Mountain lunches in Europe have no resemblance to the hamburgers, chili and fries that are ubiquitous at American resorts. In Switzerland and Germany, expect a Jägerschnitzel, a veal schnitzel smothered with mushrooms. In Austria the gasthaus owner might sweep in with Kaisersmarrren, a sizzling skillet filed with potatoes, eggs and ham. In Italy an antipasto of bresaola, dried beef, is a true mountain experience. Follow it with a hearty pasta and local cheese. The French pride themselves on tartiflette, another skillet dish with potatoes and cured ham layered with roblochon, a local cheese. In Spain a late lunch complete with salad, lamb, dessert, coffee and a cigar, stretches from 2 p.m. until about when the slopes close.

Many restaurants only have space by reservation and all are packed. For about $20 a skier can devour a hearty meal with wine or beer and then face the final hours of the day.

I read stuff like this and it makes me hungry for an overpriced burger or some chili fries. I am going to start blogging about the crap that I eat when on the mountain so that we have a record of who to sue when I have my first heart attack at 35.

Posted by Justin at February 2, 2006 12:54 PM