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February 18, 2006

Eight in the Condo and the Lifts Are Shut Down

Good things and bad things today at Brian Head. First, it is snowing, which is always good. Second, it is so windy that the lifts are on wind hold. The entire upper mountain at Brian Head is shut down since about 11:30 AM today.

So, third, tomorrow is going to have a decent amount of fresh (if it doesn't blow away). But fourth, the place is completely packed with people because it is President's Day weekend and to compound it, there is only one lift open on the main side.

So it is with anticipation for tomorrow that things will be better that I head to sleep tonight. I spent the day riding crowded slopes on groomed runs, but we did enjoy the terrain park and I worked riding switch on my Atomics. My wife stayed in the condo, because the conditions just were too rough. No sense trying to keep warm and learn in close to zero visibility.

Erich and Dan from my old work rolled up last night and we always enjoy hanging out. We are enjoying the place with family and friends for the first real get together. More updates on conditions tomorrow AM.

Posted by Justin at February 18, 2006 04:10 PM