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February 20, 2006

Best Week of the Year at Brian Head

No other way to describe it. It has been snowing on and off since Friday and yesterday the snow was at least mid-calf and often knee deep. Well, it snowed another several inches overnight. BH is reporting 15" in the last day. And it was snowing again this PM.

We spent Sunday on the Dunes again for about half the day. Lap after lap of pow. Erich and Dan followed Jeremy and me as we guided them through our favorite runs:

  • Pillows Glade off of Giant Steps
  • First Tracks off Roulette
  • The Plunge off Dunes

Each is special in its own way. But all in all, the entire Dunes Area was sick deep and awesome everywhere we went. I stuck to the trees between Last Chance and The Plunge and tended to ski the glades where the pow was deepest and untracked. And today I can barely walk from the burning.

My son Jake and brother Jackson are hitting boxes, rails, and jumps like they belong in the terrain park. Tera took a couple of runs on Sunday, but Saturday and Sunday were bitter cold because of the wind. Today was perfect. No wind, blue skies in the AM, and temps that were far enough below freezing to keep the snow soft, yet not frostbite you if you didn't wear a mask.

My Dad, Jeremy, and the boys stayed behind and skied all day today and called me at 4:00 and decided Jake and Jack are skipping school tomorrow so they can ski one more day. I am starting a new job and had to get home so it appears I am missing the best day you could ask for tomorrow. Dan and Erich left last night.

All in all, a perfect President's Day spent with friends and family.

Posted by Justin at February 20, 2006 10:11 PM