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January 19, 2006

The Wait is Finally Over--First Real Powder Day

I am scheduled to be in Las Vegas tomorrow and travelling today. I figured I would stay at the condo and drive in to Vegas tonight and it just happens that the weather has finally smiled upon Southern Utah.

We hit the mountain late today at around 11:00 AM because we drove all night last night. By 11:00 AM, there was already at least 6" of freshness. It is almost 3:00 PM right now and a complete whiteout. We finally had to come down because we cannot see at all.

Brian Head is sick today. We stayed either to the Roulette or Giant Steps side, but Roulette/Blackfoot is the best idea since there is less wind. There is plenty of wind let me tell you. Temp is not too cold, but bring the extra layers.

THERE ARE STILL HIDDEN ROCKS AND TREES that you would expect in early season so watch out. The very top of Giant Steps is very windblown so you cannot ski right off the face. It is probably the worst. Best bet on the mountain is Wild Ride or the far left side of the main area.

Poppin' Fresh. And it was well needed.

Posted by Justin at January 19, 2006 02:48 PM