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January 02, 2006

Starting 2006 Right

It has been 9 years since ASU went to their last Rose Bowl. I can always keep track of the fact because my son Jake was born two days later. I bought him swome PS2 games and cabled up the Avalanche with all the stuff so that he can play PS2 or Xbox in the backseat during roadtrips on the monitors I just installed. Happy birthday, little man. Another bowl season winds down this week and I am probably going to be planted on the couch watching Notre Dame and Ohio State today and eagerly anticipating the USC versus Texas matchup that is coming this week. But all of these are just appetizers to get me in the mood for the NFL Playoffs.

2005 was a great year. I skied powder so many times I am spoiled. I barely want to leave the house unless there is a 100" base with two feet of fresh. I had a great year at work. Had my third child and first baby girl to spoil and turn into a princess. Bought my condo in Utah. The Suns went to the Western Conference Finals and I was there for every game in the Second and Third rounds of the playoffs. My Sun Devils teased me with the most exciting first half of football I ever saw live against USC and an equally exciting, yet disappointing game against LSU. And the Broncos... well, they gave the Jake haters in Phoenix a taste of their own medicine with a 13-3 record.

I am planning an epic road trip starting shortly to include stops at Sunlight Mountain to meet up with John, Steamboat to ski with Wil, Big Sky to ski with Dax, and maybe a little bit of pass skiing at Loveland if JP can get free.

Thanks to all of the folks that read the blog for coming by and thanks especially to the wonderful people that I have met through the site already. I have a full two days of skiing in for November and December, but I have been able to avoid depression by watching videos JP posts or reading about Wil living large in the pow at Steamboat.

Posted by Justin at January 2, 2006 11:03 AM