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January 31, 2006

New Challenges

Today is Jeremy's 29th birthday and I bought him a new pair of Burton Ruler boots for his freakishly large size 13 feet. I had an old K2 board with clicker bindings and boots that I bought from my friend Tim who ironically also has freakishly large 13's himself, so Jer has been riding some old gear that has probably seen its day. I happened on a pair of size 13 Burton boots this weekend while coming through Vegas and figured I better jump on them.

Problem with going from clicker boots to regular boots is that you need matching bindings. So here I am explaining how you need both to my wife and by the end of the conversation, I decided that the deal on boots was good enough that I am going to buy me a pair of snowboarding boots and the matching bindings too. Finding size 12 and size 13 boots late in the season is hard to do. Next thing you know, I have two pair of boots and new bindings. Well, what part of the combination is missing? Yep, grabbed a board. Don't ask how my mind works, but sometimes, I have an idea and figure I better just roll with it.

My wife is learning to ski, so in the meantime, I am going to learn right alongside her to snowboard. Jeremy is going to learn to two plank it. I am heading back up this weekend to give riding a shot while Jeremy and Tera cut some teeth on skis. I know that it won't make for entertaining reading to hear about crowded lifts on the bunny hill. When Tera is up with us, now we will all have a good reason to ski/ride together on runs called Hansel and Grettel or Powderpuff. =) Nothing is worse than when your friends abandon the beginner so they can go have their fun. Women just love that.

Posted by Justin at January 31, 2006 01:29 AM


I think years ago size 13's might have been considered freakish, but most of my college buddies and I wear size 12-14. Anymore, I think it's normal for young guys to have man-sized feet.

Posted by: Rick at March 22, 2006 11:46 PM