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January 28, 2006

Conditions Exceptional at Brian Head

Friday was one of the best days I have had for powder skiing. It was a weekday and there were no crowds at Brian Head (unlike today when it was way too crowded). Wednesday's storm dropped 15" and on Friday it snowed all day and dropped another 7". We had the pick of the mountain and the grooming Nazis had not gotten to it yet.

We started the day on Giant Steps and took several runs with my dad, 11 year old brother Jackson, my 9 year old Jake, and my brother and now fixture on my condo couch Jeremy. Still a favorite is Pillows Glade with is just to the left of the Giant Steps lift. It is shaped like a halfpipe at the top and runs down to a nice jump at the bottom, then ends into the terrain park.

We tried both the left and right sides of the mountain (Roulette and Dunes) and both were even less crowded. We finished taking lap after lap through the trees on Dunes. Thigh deep powder. Perfect length runs of untracked goodness. No crowds. No lift lines.

Today, I have a serious case of the burns in my quads. We hit the tub last night and when we went up today, I played instructor for my wife. We overslept the start of ski school with getting everyone ready, etc. I am proud to announce that she can snowplow down mild to mid-range greens. And she actually is starting to enjoy it.

Another storm is on its way, but this is my last ski day for about a week or so. Superbowl parties and such next weekend.

Advice--ski on weekdays. It is crazy crowded and there is a church group up here staying in several of the rental condos in our complex. They cannot recognize the difference between 306 and 307 and keep ringing our doorbell and running down the hall thinking they are funny. They are less annoying than the dumbass highschool kids that were here over MLK weekend though. Plus their chaparones are doing room checks around 9:00 PM so we can hot tub in the evenings without being bothered.

Posted by Justin at January 28, 2006 07:39 PM