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January 04, 2006

Brian Head finally starting to open some runs

We arrived at 4:30 AM last night, so we overslept a little bit. Fortunately for us, the countertop guy who was measuring for our granite showed up at 9:00 AM, so it was wake up time and off to the slopes.

We took our first run off of the Giant Steps lift and Jeremy and Jake stayed on the groomers while I took a direct line down the only black open on the mountain. Giant Steps (the run, not the lift) was pretty tracked, but ungroomed and at the top was nice and soft, with an occasional rock, weed, small tree, etc., that is to be expected from early season. After a couple of runs and a couple trips through the terrain park, we came back for some lunch and a nap.

I have two sets of skis in my quiver, my Atomic cruisers with deep sidecut and narrow waist, and my Atomic twin tip mid-fats with a 90cm waist for powder. I debated on using the twin tips since we were riding around the park. I chose the cruisers--like old faithful, my first skis, but they never get jealous and are always willing to take me back. Note to self, skiing backwards on twin tips, good, skiing backwards on cruisers, bad. I took a header and reminded myself not to be a jackass. My brother had a similar situation when he took a spill on a jump. He landed hard on his butt and complained that he has major bruising and possible a torn o-ring. =) The terrain park is icy and there are still way too many kids that are on break. One snowboarding 12 year old cut me off on one of the jumps and I almost had to ditch.

But the best news of all is that I stopped in at Walmart (sorry Eric, my liberal anti-Walmart friend) at midnight in Kingman to get something to eat and figured I would check electronics. Low and behold, they had an Xbox 360 Core System. As evil as Walmart is, they are in my good graces tonight. Tonight is filled with a trip to the hot tub, some Call of Duty, and some USC vs. Texas.

Posted by Justin at January 4, 2006 08:44 PM