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January 16, 2006

15" of Fresh and a Bluebird Day

Some days I hate my wife. We were sitting in the condo Saturday night and having a fairly heated argument about priorities. She seems to think her job and being at work on Monday after taking a Friday off is more important than 15" of Fresh, 30 degrees, and sunny. ESPECIALLY after the crap ski season we have had down south so far.

I lost. It was when she brought up my new Kenwood DVD player in the truck, the Xbox 360, the new iPod, my new PDA, new skis, etc., and "Why is it that whatever is important to you is always first."

She rarely pulls that one out, plus the kids were fighting and bugging the heck out of all of us, so we decided to head back on Sunday and beat the storm. I spent yesterday driving instead of watching the Steelers game (a true classic that we listened to on Sirius) or preparing for an epic powder day. Wife-1 Skibum-0.

On another note--we did get to see Denver return to the AFC Championship for the first time since Number 7 played at the old Mile High. We would have gotten thrown out of our condo complex when Champ almost housed his pick in the 3rd QTR, if not for about 100 high school kids that were on a trip to Brian Head. They must have assumed that the only people that would be that loud and obnoxious were high schoolers, but they sadly underestimate the power of a Broncos playoff win to make idiots out of my brother and me.

Posted by Justin at January 16, 2006 10:21 AM


Probably not what you wanted to hear.. but if it was anything like the Vail Valley to Denver commute, the traffic was terrible Monday.

According to my Vail newspaper this morning the average commute time was 3 times longer than usual...

If it's any consolation ^_^


ps - Hello! Love your blog.

Posted by: Mellen at January 17, 2006 06:48 PM