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December 31, 2005

Brian Head update

We left the condo last night and returned home after three "not so wonderful" days of skiing. I got offered a couple of jobs from people that saw all the work we were doing on the condo during the course of the holidays, but as far as skiing, I only put in a little over a half day.

Jake and Jackson skied three days mostly on the Navajo side of Brian Head since Jacko is a beginner. He picked it up pretty easily and the two of them came home every day as excited and worn out as if they had been heliskiing in Alaska after an epic snowstorm. I didn't have the heart to tell my baby brother and son that the rest of us thought the conditions were so crappy and the resort so overcrowded that we passed on skiing to do WORK!

But the tide is turning for the southern Rockies (right after we left unfortunately). A series of storms is moving in today and it should open a lot more terrain at Brian Head shortly.

I am planning another trip north next week, but over the course of two weeks, the Lakers, Spurs, Heat, and Cavs all are making their trips to Phoenix. I have a horrible life when I have to choose between going to a Suns game or going skiing. Most of my friends just want to slap me. My brother thinks he has won the lottery by moving back in with me. =)

Posted by Justin at December 31, 2005 10:37 AM


Wow, first the Vine and now this! We are going to have to hang out some time. We've got way too much in common!

My grandfather had season tickets to the Suns for forever. After we relocated to the valley when I was in 4th grade I remember watching the Suns frequently in the "Madhouse on McDowell" and most memorably the playoffs vs. the Lakers with Beat LA shirts everwhere and the Colleseum truly living up to its name.

My freshman year in High School, 1993-94, the year my grandpa Dale passed away, was also the same year we opened the new AWA, brought in Sir Charles, Dan opened his restaurant, and we went to the finals. Would he had loved to see that! My dad had kept the seats though, getting almost the exact same position in the new arena to "preserve the heritage" and we definitely ensured his rowdy Suns fandom lived on in the new Purple Palace.

It was great to see the Suns bring back Suns-style basketball last year. That's the way I grew up learning to love the game and I think that, more than the winning, brought many long-time Phoenicians back to their favorite sports team.

The D-Backs are great and the other teams are fine and dandy, but the team I truly hold fast to, like any "real" Phoenician, is the Phoenix Suns. Give the refs hell for me and I'll shred some pow for ya!

- Wil

Posted by: Wil @ 120 Days of Powder at January 1, 2006 07:58 PM

Correction, my freshman yearbook says 1993 so that was 92-93 season. Man, I'm getting old, tried to buy myself a year there I guess.

Posted by: Wil @ 120 Days of Powder at January 2, 2006 07:06 AM