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December 02, 2005

Bootfitting Article of Interest

My last pair of boots have not seen their last days, but certainly were not performing as well as I wanted. First, I bought them over three seasons ago and they were starting to get packed down. Second, the liner was starting to seperate and would occasionally clump up meaning I had to undo the boot and smooth it out. Long and Short, I needed some new boots.

I shop around a ton, especially on the Internet for deals, and wasn't about to go to the local shop and get ripped off. I found the exact boots I was looking for, the Nordica Beast--not Beast 10 or 12, but the full Beast, at on discount for $289. Local price even with sick end of season discount was over $500.

I have read about bootfitting a little bit, but thought it was mostly custom footbeds and that sort of thing, and I'll be damned if I am spending 3 days worth of lift ticket money to get a footbed. Boots are boots, right?

Seems that lots of us make that mistake. I had major problems with my boots that are taking a week to heal completely. After four runs, my ankles and feet were shot. I took my boots in to Deep Powder House at Alta and it took them less than an hour to make my performance boots MINE and shape them to my feet and ankles.

In case you want more information check this article on bootfitting. My boots retail for $700 and though I got a deal on them, it is not much of a deal if they are uncomfortable. I figured I just needed to break them in. Now they are dialed in and the rest of the season and the next several on them should be much better.

Posted by Justin at December 2, 2005 10:31 AM