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December 17, 2005

Another Weekend Watching the Broncos Since the Skiing Sucks

The title says it all. I am heading to the Vine in Phoenix to eat some wings and watch the Broncos and Bills go at it. I have spent the last two weeks chilling with my little brother and getting the condo set up for ski season. Bought him a season pass at Brian Head for his hard work at the condo.

Today I broke down and bought a new In-Dash DVD player for the Avalanche. The Kenwood DDX-7017 has an iPod interface and Sirius radio capability all in one package. Right now I have an aftermarket input for my iPod and Sirius, but they are bulky and the new unit keeps everything compact. We are heading up to Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado on an epic snow trip in Early January, so I figured that the comfort factor is a big deal right now. I sure as hell didn't pay $1300 for the thing from Crutchfield, but bought it off of E-bay for around $800.

I am going to try to meet up with JP from Colorado Backcountry and with Wil from 120 Days of Pow while I swing through CO. Spending the last couple of weeks at the condo and not skiing at all can only be compared to going to an all you can eat buffet with your jaws wired shut. Skiing hard packed runs with the Bode wanna-be's is about as exciting as sucking Ensure through a straw. But if the conditions don't improve soon, I am gonna do it because I am literally starving to death for some time on my planks.

Highlight of our last trip was sitting next to a Sorority party at Applebees and hearing three of the girls talking about getting a "box of wine" to finish the night off. This started an internal debate between me and my brother about the respective quality of boxed wine versus screw top. Boone's Farm wins out but followed closely by the boxed variety. Fortified wine comes in a distant third.

Posted by Justin at December 17, 2005 03:52 PM


The Vine has the BEST wings ever. Their Maple-Hot flavor are the thing I miss the most about the valley, hands down. I used to go there every week!

Posted by: Anonymous at December 18, 2005 07:29 PM