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November 18, 2005

Summit County Resorts opening more Terrain

JP at Colorado Backcountry has been keeping me informed of how Summit County is doing. Trust me, it is better than Utah in a big way. Summit received between three and four feet over the last 10 days and most of the resorts are gradually opening more terrain.

Just from the ski reports, it looks like Loveland and A-Basin are close to 50% open. Copper has less open, but is still open with several runs top to bottom.

IF YOU HAVE SKIED SUMMIT IN THE LAST FIVE DAYS--PLEASE POST COMMENTS. I know JP keeps sending me e-mails about conditions, but the information is good to pass on.

I am just getting ready for Thanksgiving, so the posting might be sporadic since there is nothing even close to skiable within 700 miles of my place in Phoenix.

Posted by Justin at November 18, 2005 11:21 AM


Quick update: Loveland Pass was sweet today. Hiked 4 laps from the summit to the ridge and got some nice powder runs. Fresh all the way down. Best coverage I've seen since '02. Arapahoe Basin has top to bottom open with lots of terrain, cornice run and all the bowls are open. Snow is still super soft and lots of hidden stashes if you look for them. Abay added a few new rails to the park and there is a nice fluid line through hitting about 5 rails. The coverage at Abasin is great, looks more like Feb.
Warm up starts today and tomorrow with more of a chance of unsettled weather near turkey day. Back up to do some more backcountry at the pass tomorrow. Will report.

Posted by: JP at November 18, 2005 05:02 PM