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November 19, 2005

Ski Lodges without the Pesky and Annoying "Skiing" Thing

Gadling Skiing linked to this article in The Paper of Record--The New York Times--about a new ski lodge in downtown Manhatten. This is classic.

This is in the New York Times travel section. Perfect for the NYT. Let's have a fake ski lodge where people can hang out and have hot toddies or smores. Now the NYT can send Jason Blair there to report on skiing conditions. What a combo, a paper that loves fake news writing about a fake ski lodge.

I am not a lodge lounging kind of guy though. The whole purpose of going to the mountain is to get out of the city. Instead someone has the bright idea to bring the ambiance of skiing into the city. THE ENTIRE AMBIANCE OF SKIING IS ROOTED IN THE FACT THAT YOU ARE NOT "IN THE CITY". Maybe it is just me that has to laugh at this sort of thing.

Posted by Justin at November 19, 2005 03:29 PM