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November 13, 2005

More gear to add to the shopping list

Today I broke down and bought a new PDA. I picked up a VX6600 from Verizon that is compatible with their "BROADBAND ACCESS/NATIONAL ACCESS" wireless internet and data service. Let me give you some details:

  • For $45.00 per month I get unlimited data transfers
  • The PDA connects via either high speed wireless in metro areas or what is about the equivalent of ISDN in other areas
  • The PDA has built in MS Outlook, etc for e-mail
  • Is compatible with my corporate VPN solution
  • Brian Head has awesome Verizon signal\
  • With a little bit of hacking, you can hook a laptop up to it and surf via broadband or higher speed internet anywhere Verizon has a tower.

So I take the PDA on the slopes with me and keep it wirelessly connected to my work's VPN solution so I can get my instant messages and e-mails. And all this for a wallet busting $300. Works as a Phone, PDA, Wireless broadband modem, and does all the e-mail, etc. over the high speed connection. Perfect for roadtrips so that you can check your e-mail or update your blog from right on the mountain.

Check it out from Verizon.

Posted by Justin at November 13, 2005 12:51 AM