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November 18, 2005

How to Fill Time Between Ski Seasons

Tonight it is official. My high school team was eliminated from the state playoffs 27-20, one win shy of making the title game. In addition, ASU is 5-5 with one game remaining and must beat Arizona to make a bowl game. I have season tickets to ASU football and to the Phoenix Suns and tonight had to give away my Suns tickets so that I could watch a high school game. Now, depressed, I have lost my Friday night filler and have no snow to look forward to. Being an ASU grad, Phoenix native, and ***former*** Cardinals Fan, my Sundays are at least entertaining because I have finally fully converted to a Bronco's fan. Again, Sirius Radio is so awesome as I can listen to the Broncos as well as the entire NFL every road trip we take during ski season.

It is getting tough as hell to write about skiing during mid-November when I still have ZERO days on the snow for 2005-06. My Brian Head season passes for the family look wonderful hanging on their lanyards with my ski equipment but are doing me no good. Last year, I already had close to 10 days in November alone. I am working on my condo and getting some extra football time in this year while waiting for the snow to fly in Utah.

I took my dad up to the condo with me to help paint and remodel and it was so cool to talk about 15 years ago when the two of us would go skiing. Bad back and all, I am trying to get him to throw on my cruisers and last year's boots and spend a few days on the mountain with my sons and my baby brother. On a personal note, the trip really reminded me that a huge part of why I love skiing so much is the fact that it is usually with friends or family. And you spend several hours in the car or truck together talking on the way up and way back. Maybe it is sharing a hotel room or having a nice dinner after a long day skiing, but even without getting to ski at the condo it was so cool to spend three days with my dad. It reinforced that I spend almost every weekend with my sons building and strengthening our bond and ski season is the best time of the year.

Posted by Justin at November 18, 2005 11:23 PM